Spoon Killa

Hey everybody! These are my simple nail art tutorials. The 'series' is call 'Spoon Killa' because they're all done on plastic spoons! If you want to see a certain design, just click on the image, it should take you to
the post about it! Enjoy! :)

'1/2 Orange'

'Hey Apple'










'What's wrong with being CORNy?'

'Cool as a CUCUMBER'


'Mr. Potato'

'Run carrot, run'

'Come at me pepper'

'Sir Onion'

'Pair O' peas'

'Broccoli creep'

'Kooky eyed Mr. Green Bean'

'Shrooms will fuck you up'

'Happy Pumpkin'

'Lettuce be friends?'

'There are some times when you just want to Squash somebody'

'Rockstar radish'

'Beet it'



'Time to eat ice cream'

'Mint leopard'